Mountains of DR Congo – DR Congo Geography

Mountains of DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is home to the Rwenzori Mountains, also known as the Mountains of the Moon. These mountains straddle the border between the DRC and Uganda, featuring some of the highest peaks in Africa. The highest peak, Margherita Peak, rises to an elevation of about 5,109 meters (16,762 feet) and is the third-highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya.

The Rwenzori Mountains are characterized by their stunning glaciers, unique flora, and diverse ecosystems, including alpine meadows, rainforests, and moorlands. The range is part of the Rwenzori Mountains National Park in the DRC, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional natural beauty and ecological significance.

The terrain in the Rwenzoris can be challenging and includes steep slopes, deep valleys, and varied weather conditions, making it a destination for experienced hikers and mountaineers seeking adventure in a remote and beautiful setting.

Major Mountains of DR Congo

Rwenzori Mountains

Also known as the Mountains of the Moon, they are shared with Uganda. Margherita Peak, the highest point in the Rwenzoris, is located here.

Virunga Mountains

These volcanic mountains span the borders of the DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda. They are home to some of the last remaining mountain gorillas in the world.

Mitumba Mountains

This range runs along the eastern border of the DRC and is known for its significant height and rugged terrain.

Blue Mountains

Not as well-known as some of the other ranges, the Blue Mountains are located in the eastern part of the DRC and are characterized by their blue haze due to the dense vegetation.